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Accelerator and Beam Physics Computing Panel


  • The Accelerator and Beam Physics Computing Panel (ABP-CP) is responsible for the software tools for accelerator and beam physics developed in the BE-ABP group at CERN. It defines the roadmap and provides recommendations for strategic software and hardware choices, in order to fulfill the needs related to:

    1. the operation of CERN accelerators;
    2. upgrade plans (HL-LHC);
    3. design studies for future accelerators.
  • The ABP-CP follows up the development and maintenance of the tools, ensuring an appropriate coordination and prioritization of the activities.

  • It identifies the needs for hardware resources (e.g. batch computing, HPC clusters, GPUs) and coordinates the exploitation of the available computing facilities

  • It liaises with the IT department and external computing centers, concerning the hardware resources and services, and with the controls and operations groups, concerning tools for machine studies and follow-up (e.g. operational displays, data analytics, machine learning).


Giovanni Iadarola (chair)

Xavier Buffat
Roderik Bruce
Riccardo De Maria
Laurent Deniau
John Farmer
Davide Gamba
Jean-Baptiste Lallement
Andrea Latina
Jacques Lettry
Lotta Mether
Nicolas Mounet
Tobias Persson
Guido Sterbini
Frederik Van Der Veken